Saturday, October 27, 2007

Not Cheese Whiz

We've been enjoying a selection of cheeses sent by Claudia recently and thought that since we don't seem to be going out to eat in restaurants around here thus not providing any restaurants reviews, that we'd share our experience with these cheeses:

St Andre - France - triple cream cheese like a Camembert - this is rich and buttery, with an edible rind hugging the soft cream center. YUM

Boursault - France - double cream cheese - ooh my gosh - this was so good we licked the paper wrapping. With 74% butterfat content...we had a glass of red wine with this goodie so that cancels the fat content out, right?

Aged Cheddar with Caramelized Onions -England- this was a great cheddar - kinda dry and then sweet from the onions. We had this on poached eggs and it was delicious.

Graskaas - Holland - made from some famous cows coveted for their creamy milk. A very gooda gouda. Very tasty on sourdough bread.

Smoked Cheddar with BBQ and Chilies - England - we took this hunk on our backpacking trip to have as a snack - a smoky cheddar that was rolled in crushed chilies and bbq seasoning. Since its packaged with the crushed chilies, it has time to take on that flavor. Maybe not the best choice of snack food when you aren't able to carry in the accompaning 6-pack of beer and are relying on boiled stream water as your beverage du jour.

Maytag Blue Cheese - America - a family and friend favorite highlighting many dinners at the Southside Bistro in Anchorage. Delicious on salads, melted over chicken or steaks, stuffed into strawberries, or eaten with just about anything!

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