Thursday, March 20, 2008

Misc websites

Here are some interesting links that I found recently. Some of them I found and some of them came from my network of friends and colleagues.

Funny what you come across on the web when you're searching for one thing and something comes up that you don't expect. One such thing is a recipe for gluten-free sourdough starter from someone who used to live in Fairbanks while I was looking up someone else who used to work at CDE. I thought this past co-worker was organizing an online grocery store but it turns out she just stopped taking orders last week. Oh well. Anyway the sourdough starter sounds interesting and might be an good alternative for my family.

So you have that new ipod - what else can you do with it besides just listen to your favorite tunes? Check out some of these ideas - who knew it could be so handy! Thanks to Carol for adding it to her bookmark list. The list includes study guides and tutorials like SAT-prep, auditory and video notes and reviews, links to audio books, some applications that help use your ipod along with some support software.

I'm happy to say that our family now includes several MAC OSX users and here's a site (again thanks to Carol) that lists some free software to download. This list is pretty extensive and its amazing how much you can find for free.

One of my favorite utilities that I've added to my mac recently is MagiCal. I don't have a large desk calendar (or a large desk for that matter!) anymore and I didn't want to put any nails or thumbtacks in the wall. I found it hard to keep track of dates. This little utility is just what I needed. It sits to the right in my menu bar and I've chosen to have it replace the default system clock and calendar. What I really like is that you can click on it and pull the calendar away from the menu bar allowing you to freely move from month to month.

And here's an inexpensive product that might suit your needs - do you have one of the magnetic power connectors that occasionally slips out (maybe without you being aware) and you find yourself with limited battery power? This tool looks pretty useful - MagStay Pro.

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