Friday, August 1, 2008

Treadwell Waterfall

The Treadwell waterfall isn't in the 99 short hikes of Juneau. In fact, we'd only heard about it and haven't seen anything written up about it. We thought we knew where the trail to it left the main treadwell trail but we weren't sure until it was confirmed by Terry.

So a couple of weekends ago we set off to explore and find it. After about a 3 minute walk along a gravelled pathway we found the waterfall. Who knew that it was so close. It was pretty but we were a little disappointed that the walk wasn't longer and that it was more of an adventure finding it. When Thom was here he and I thought about looking for it but since I wasn't sure where it was I didn't really want attempt it. Ha - we could have made it, Thom!

I'm sure there is a trail that goes down to the pool but because of the heights we didn't attempt it. I'm also not sure where the water from the pool goes. Is this the famous glory hole? I'll have to do some local research.

So last weekend we went up on the Mt Roberts Tram and walked up to Gold Ridge. After climbing awhile we looked back over the channel and we saw the waterfall!

We made is just past the famous "boxing marmot" ridge before the wind drove us back down the hill. The snow level is still pretty low and with the wind it felt like winter.

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