Friday, March 27, 2009

Hiking Adventures

We've had some really beautiful days down here in March encouraging us to get out and explore. The days are longer but haven't necessarily been that warm. The clear skies are courtesy of the north wind which can sometimes blow pretty strong. One nice place to walk when the sun is out is at the very end of North Douglas. There is a short trail through the woods from the end of the road that takes you to the beach along Stephens Passage between Admiralty Island and the Douglas Island. Here you can walk along the rocky beach or take to the trail just inside the forest. Both back for pretty nice walks. We tend to take the forest trail when its rainy and we keep pretty dry.

Every alert we came across this carcass on the beach and immediately thought it was a bird carcass and that we could use our COASST training to good work. But once we did some uncovering and moved the skeleton around it was obvious that is was a salmon. We haven't had the FISSH training so can't determine what species it is by the bone structure. My best guess it that it is NOT a king salmon.

It struck me as we made our way back to the house that this picture could have been taken at Summitt Lake if you traded the boat trailer for a snow machine trailer and pretended that the water was wave-frozen ice.

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