Wednesday, April 1, 2009

This and That again again

If you like to drink tea from a tea cup this is a great deal. Makes me want to open a tea house or afternoon tea eatery. My mom always talked about doing that. She said that she would make the pies and do the dishes! What a deal!

This group in England has an interesting idea - banning jargon and cliches from their council meetings and publications. But is it realistic? How do you decide what is jargon and what words are accepted with common definitions. Education and especially Technology is the leader in making up words and/or changing common interpretations. even provides a Jargon Word of the Day!

Information comes at you all the time and one of the hardest parts of graphic design is taking a message and making it meaningful to the audience. Using graphics to tell a story – well that's how communication began, right! Check out this video retelling the story of Little Red Riding Hood.

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Anonymous said...

Little Red Riding Hood was really something. I think Dad would have liked learning how to do this. Much more interesting for him than solitaire! I can imagine lots of stories he would tell.

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