Thursday, April 2, 2009

more knitting

Here's a few knitting projects that I've been working on – oh, maybe since last year! Sometimes things get put away or I have to take a break to figure out a problem I've encountered. But I'm always glad to finish them up.

This particular pattern is called floral scallops and reminds me of the pansy. I've used lace to add to pillow cases and towels. I have enough to trim out a set of dark purple-red towels for a gift.

I started this lace project back in June when I needed something to take on the plane to seattle with me. I like projects like this because they are small an easily portable. They really make a 2.5 hour trip fly by.

Here's a sweater I'm making for Jim. I am just now up to the point where I'm starting the raglan sleeve decrease. Its made from fine merino, acrylic micofiber, and cashmere. Its a washable wool!

Its from an old pattern book that my mom had. I kinda liked this pattern but its in French and the online translators I tried weren't taking knit-speak. I might have been able to interpret if I was making it for myself but one arm might have been different from the other!

This is that same pattern that Tisha sent, for the bike helmet earband. I had some left over self-striping yarn and adjusted the pattern for the smaller fiber. I think it came out pretty good. Since the yarn is wool its very warm. Unfortunately, its not a washable wool so that means hand washing and drying when it gets sweaty!

And in case you are wondering, I did have to do some adjustment to get the two ear pieces to match up.

The following changes to the pattern should be made to accommodate the thinner yarn:
Cast on 24 stitches and K1,P1 for 6 rounds.
Increase until you have about 68 stitches then K1, P1 ribbing for 8 rounds. Cast off 34 stitches.
Then on the other side of the earband do the reverse.
This bag was started before christmas and was supposed to be a gift for someone but it never got finished due to some complications. It doesn't look much like the picture on the pattern - I think I might have felted it too much.


The top binded seemed to pucker up and have the lettuce-effect. It was all ripply and looked stretched out. So I ran a couple of baste lines with thread, got it wet and then pulled it a bit tighter. After it dried it seemed a little better

I decided to add this ribbon to the top binding so that it would stretch out more. I do like the bag but am disappointed it didn't turn out more like the picture on the pattern. They must have added some type of form (acrylic or plastic) to help keep its shape.

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