Monday, April 27, 2009

Blasting for Avalanche

Last week they tried to cause an avalanche at the snow chute on MT Roberts. I watched the first few cannon shots hit the mountain top. You can see the black marks where the mortars hit.

On the second shot I heard a swooshing sound coming from downtown and noticed that one of the other avalanche areas right above basin road and gold creek was letting loose.

Most of what I saw looked like a large waterfall coming down so it must have been a build up of water behind the ice.

After about 12 shots they gave up without any snow coming down. I'm not sure the danger is over with the warming temperatures but there should be very little snow fall accumulating. It was when Robert was visiting in early May last year when we witnessed several small waterfalls/avalanches so I'll be keeping my eyes open for more activity.

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