Friday, April 24, 2009

Weekend fun

Auke Bay is home to a lot of Harlequin Ducks - here's a group of males looking beautiful in their prime breeding colors.

Look closely - these are not harbor seals or sea lions - these are scuba divers!

We've been using the grill all winter long and one of our favorite Spring items to put on the grill is fresh asparagus. We received asparagus in our weekly food box. The stocks were pretty fat but they looked really fresh. We drizzled them in a little olive oil and added on a sprinkle of sea salt. We've had this prepared for us by Zac in the past but couldn't remember how long he left it on the grill. We decided to shoot for 3-5 minutes since they were so thick. I'd say that the base of these asparagus was about the size of a dime. I meant to get a picture but they were so good that they were snapped up quickly. By the way, the only way to eat grilled asparagus is to pick it up with your fingers and eat it like a breadstick. They just don't taste as good if you use a fork.

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