Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea Forté - for cocktails

Kim gave me this great assortment of Tea Forté Infusioners that you use in combination with alcohol to make some very interesting tasting cocktails. Recipes like Lavender Pear Martini made with a Lavender Citrus Infuser, vodka and pear nectar, Chai White Russian made with Silkroad Chai Infuser, white rum, light cream and a simple syrup, or the one I tried, Lemongrass Gin & Tonic. This was made using the Lemongrass Mint Infuser, gin, tonic and a simple syrup. YUM! I loved the citrus flavor the tea mixture gave to the drink.

Place infuser in glass. Pour 2 oz gin over infuser and steep to desired strength. I let mine go for about 3 minutes. Add simple syrup, ice and tonic water. I was able to have two gin & tonics from the infuser and I made three cups of tea using the same infuser. I'm sure after the third cup of tea all the alcohol that had soaked into the tea was gone!

Plus the little pyramid-shaped tea bags are so cute!

I can't wait to try out the Cosmo de Provence with the lavendar citrus infuser!


Anonymous said...

what is simple syrup?

Anonymous said...

hey Heidi,
I love this is so yummy. robin

Heidi Olson said...

I had to google simple sugar to get a recipe because I wasn't sure either. This is what I came up with: 1 part water and 1 part sugar. Put in saucepan and simmer until sugar has dissolved. Cool.

naomi lynn said...

What a great idea! I have infused vodka in the past with tea, but not individual servings, and these recipes sound much tastier than the cocktails I made. Thanks, Heidi!

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