Friday, December 17, 2010

December 17 1911

Flo's Diary:

Slept till about 11– Mr. Thrift comes before we get breakfast. Wade out in snow to have pictures taken. Cold 35° below. Marcella and I go to PO for mail. Get 6 letters. Edna sends a package for xmas. Melt water for work and dress. Go for mail again. Mr. Brown -Mr. Lewis and Ralph come for dinner. Ralph makes pie. Oh that awful pie crust as think as biscuits. Dinner goes off nicely. Beat Mr. L at crib. Pleasant evening - shocking pictures. Bed at 11.

I didn't realize that as far back as 1911 people were using the "xmas" abbreviation - call me naive but I don't think I remember hearing it until the mid-70s. Yes, also 6o years later. But according to wikipedia, the word was first seen in a letter written in 1811! Clearly an established usage.

I a very curious about the "shocking pictures" mentioned. What could have been going on in that cabin in Fairbanks. Clearly if they had had access to facebook they might have thought twice about posting their pictures. Begin school teachers and all...

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