Saturday, December 25, 2010

December 25, 1911

Flo's Diary:

X-mas morning - awaken by knock on door. Marcella slips on kimona and opens – beholds Craig Condit with a pie which Santa says is to large for our stockings so sent this way. Marce. got breakfast. I made beds and washed dishes. Nell and I walked out past Noyes bridge. 4 miles. Mr. Litsey sends me box of candy. Mrs. Heacock sends us little booklets and candy - go to thank her. Mr. Brown comes to ask us to go to picture show. Go to dinner with Miss Gilmer and Mr. Fredericks at Pioneer Café. Turkey and cranberries, etc. Go to picture show with Mar. & Brown. $1 seats. horrors!! bed early.

Ah ha - it is a family tradition to go to the picture show on a holiday! I thought that the traditional began with my sisters!

Remember - Condit is the Presbyterian minister

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