Thursday, November 8, 2007

Check back with me on Feb 5

I met Tim for lunch downtown at KENNY'S WOK & TERIYAKI the other day. Its located on Front Street a couple of blocks from Tim's office. There's also one in the Mendenhall Mall and a couple of places in Sitka. The restaurant setting is very nice with really great looking retro chairs. There's a sushi bar set up on one side and a guy behind it welding a knife. Didn't see anyone getting sushi for lunch.

The menu was varied and your typical chinese/japanese-americanized food. We each ordered a lunch special - I had General Taos' Chicken and Tim had Kung Pao Chicken and Sweet and Sour Pork. We both enjoyed our chicken but the pork wasn't very good. This is one of those places that if you want a really tasty meal I think you have to be really careful about picking from the menu. The food was ok and the price was not too bad. The service was really good and I think it might be a really good take-out place. I wonder if they would bring some chairs too? I'll have to take my camera next time to get a pic for you!

So here was my stay tuned - I'll let you know what happens in February!

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