Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Puzzle Game

I've added a new widget at the bottom of this blog just in case you were bored and needed a diversion. At this time of year our family started brining out the jigsaw puzzles and set up a card table in the den so it was out of the way but available when anyone wanted to work on it. We would work through them throughout the holidays. So with this puzzle maker you can pick your own picture and determine how many pieces you want to have.

You can enter your own picture if you have one somewhere stored on the internet. I don't believe you can select one that is on your own computer - it has to have a web address.

The picture I chose if from our CDE Open House last week. I was a virtual participant which means I was connected by skype and could talk to people who came by. Since they had a web camera I could also see them! I don't have one who I was just a voice - freaked some people out! Anyway, in this picture I'm talking to Tina and the UAF mascot Nanook stopped by to say hello! I talked to a lot of people and it was nice to be included.

Have fun with the puzzle!

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