Monday, November 12, 2007

Scary Image

So the folks at CDE have been having some fun with their large-format printer. As I mentioned in a previous post, we had an open house a couple weeks ago and I made myself available during the 4-hour party through skype and a video camera on their end. So it was nice to be able to see everyone as well as to have a conversation. They also felt the need to have me be seen...and printed a picture of me at full size. They actually made me a little taller which wasn't so bad but I'm sure that they made be a little fatter too! Or it just looks like it. Anyway - great fun and a lot of laughs, I'm sure.

So now that the open house is over, what to do with Heidi. She's made the rounds in various office spaces: hiding behind doors, taped to the floor-to-ceiling atrium staring down on the front door, laying on a table. I almost feel like flat-stan who gets mailed around the country - like a horizontal heidi - or something.

I've threatened to get pictures of different clothing so they can "dress" me up according to the weather. Maybe what they really need are different facial expressions so I can tell them how I'm feeling, "Please put on #1 face (happy), #2 face (irritated), #3 face (astounded)…"


Unknown said...


Can I have her?

ginny said...

hahahahaha!!!! You should've left that at Claudia's house so Wrangler wasn't so lonely in the house by myself. And then I'd somebody to watch HOUSE, Law & Order and movies with!
Hope you're doing well,

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