Thursday, November 29, 2007

Useful ideas

Here's an idea for a bookshelf that looks pretty cool and functional and helps get things off the floor. I wouldn't suggest this for some folks (Jim and Naomi) but it would be pretty cute in a kids room or a kitchen for your cookbooks.

Too many leftovers? We seemed to have manage our leftovers pretty well this year. I think our theme was mini-meals. We didn't have a huge Thanksgiving meal mainly because we didn't bring a lot of dishes with us to Juneau so we had to eat a course, rinse dishes, rest a little, and eat another course, (repeat) in order to get it all in. I think it worked out pretty well because 1) I think we ate less food, 2) we enjoyed each of the courses more, 3) we didn't have a mound of dishes to wash at the end, 4) it wasn't a huge hectic mess trying to get everything to come out at the same time.

How about a Visual Dictionary to show (and listen) to the names of pieces and part of something. This site is limited to about 6,000 images but it could be a good resource. Sign up to have the Game of the Week sent to you by email. (They really should add an RSS).

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