Thursday, November 29, 2007

Cappy on vacation

Cappy went away for the thanksgiving holiday so our recent house guests had to pose by the Mendenhall Glacier instead of with the good Captain. Here's Claudia and her folks Connie and Frank from So. Cal, braving the elements for a quick pose. We actually had pretty decent weather while they were here - a little rain, a little blue sky and temps it the mid- to high-40s. We still don't have any snow so it was pretty easy to get around.

We did some shopping, sightseeing, exploring, driving, looking at real estate, eating, talking, laughing, and felting!

Before: The image on the left is Claudia with one of her unfelted slippers and…

After: The image on the right is one of her felted finished slipper!

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ginny said...

ahhhhh the magic of felting!

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