Friday, September 26, 2008

Dear Mom

Just wanted you to know what you've been missing:

You've missed a wonderful wedding that took place in a beautiful setting, a high school graduation, college graduations, and the birth of your great granddaughter. You would be so proud.

You're missed buying a house, new house being built on the Kenai River, many updates and refurbishing to a home that watched us grow up, and a move to Juneau. You'd love Juneau - a new place to venture, to watch the eagles and herons, look for orca and humpback whales, watch the sea lions and harbor seals; the wildflowers that spring up in June –so vibrant and varied; walks on the sandy beaches, through the rain forest with the huge dark green trees providing a clear undergrowth to wind through, and along the rushing creeks and numerous waterfalls; the cruise ships filling the docks, the downtown shopping, and the float planes coming and going.

You've missed the slicing of a thumb, broken bones in a foot, loosing all the front teeth and graying of hair. You would give encouraging words and worry about our healing

You've missed activities of creativity and accomplishments of the digital arts; return to the physical arts, playing competitive sports, about 9 quilts, 3 fabric bags, 6 pillows, 8 sweaters, 3 hats, 14 pairs of gloves, 20 pairs of baby booties, 4 felted slippers, and a teddy bear (but who's counting). You would be right in their creating items with love.

You've missed becoming established in a profession and completing a prestigious internship. You would be proud and be telling your friends.

You've missed following an inherited desire to travel and your courage to move someplace new as a young woman. You'd be planning your next visit.

What you haven't missed…being in my thoughts every day since you've been gone.


Carol Gering said...

Now you've done made me cry..sitting right here at work, no less.

Beautiful and touching tribute. :)

Anonymous said...

I haven't checked your blog lately or I would have commented earlier. Life goes on but memories, thoughts, and missing continue. You said it perfectly and yes I am crying. Love you! Roxi

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