Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ty's Quilt

I've been working on this quilt for nephew Ty for most of the summer and finally got it back from the quilters over the weekend and finished off the binding. Here's the final product!

Since my sewing machine is still in the storage unit in Fairbanks this was done all by hand. Tim also contributed to the final product by cutting it out for me (I was a bit cutter-shy since my big sister almost cut her thumb off with a rotary cutter just as I was getting started with this).

The pattern called for these "Prarie Points" which I still don't really get but I guess they add something to the design.

When it came time to pick fabric for the back I wanted it to be soft so I looked for some flannel that wouldn't pill. I didn't find any that I really liked that didn't have flowers or hearts which I didn't think Ty would like too much. I was at Costco and they had the very soft blankets so I chose one of those. I had no idea with the quilter would think of it but thought I'd try it out anyway.

I really like how it turned out. Its very, very soft and it doesn't have a seam in it. This was another reason I really liked the blanket idea because without a sewing machine that means I would have had to sew it together and I wasn't looking forward to that!

And what family picture isn't complete without the "lifting of the eyebrow" image.

Ty's birthday is on Saturday so I got it done just in time!

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