Sunday, September 14, 2008

Must be a Bear Weekend

So we had the bear come by the house Thursday night, obviously trying to to find its way back to the woods as it zig-zagged its way from one end of the beach to the other. At some point he must have found his way or was "guide" by people back up the hill towards the woods.

We stopped by the Mendenhall Visitor's center on Friday to see what the glacier looked like. Its the end of the season and there was only one small cruise ship in town so there weren't too many people around. We started down one path to the lookout and there was a nice sized black bear giving a show.

The Naturalist said that sockeyes come in from the Mendenhall River through Mendenhall Lake to these small steams and creeks and provide a good buffet for the bears.

It was a little cloudy out which usually brings out the blue of the glacier. Here sit Todd, Claudia and Tim.

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