Thursday, September 18, 2008

Visualization from Conventions

Carol sent me a link to this visualization based on recent Democratic and Republican Convention speeches. I thought it was very interesting.

And here's another link she sent which uses visualization to create artistic pieces. I especially like the chess game. I have to admit that I never learned how to play chess created by The Thinking Game. Its on my to do list but I just haven't gotten to it yet. But it was fascinating to see what the possible moves might be and how often they might be played.

The Name Voyager was also fun. You can type next to the > and search for a specific name or letter.

Visually, I liked the American Varietal (directorate) created for the census bureau.

Here's another one from the NY times - medal distribution for the Olypmics

Not sure what type of visualization you might want or need for your project? Here's the periodic table of visualizaton with examples!

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naomi lynn said...

I just wasted, I mean entertained myself, for half an hour typing in everyone's name that I know. Neither one of my future children's names were in the top 1000. I'll let you guess what they were! ;)

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