Sunday, February 21, 2010

ASTE Conference in Anchorage

I'm in Anchorage participating with some folks at CDE, UAF's School of Education, and UAF/SW OIT in a 2-day pre-conference workshop followed up with a 2-day conference given by Alaska Society of Technology in Education. The pre-conference ended today and we presented a number of topics having to do with web 2.0 and personal learning environments. We had a great group of teachers from around the state and it was fun to share with them as well has have them share with us. I always take away a lot from participating in activities like this, both from my co-presenters and from the participants themselves.

I have already learned some things and have summed up some of my thoughts in this video:

As a kick-off for the official conference there was a reception at the Anchorage Museum which included entry to the Star War's exhibit. There was a pretty long line to get in, even though the museum was only open to the conference attendees. As I got closer to the front I realized that they were only letting in 6 people at a time into a life-size replica of the Millennium Falcon's cockpit. If you saw Avatar in 3-D you probably won't be impressed.

The Museum website says:

In this simulated ride to the edge of the universe, a multimedia presentation explores what we know about our galaxy. A 3-D Bose sound system brings to life the Millennium Falcon’s beeping cockpit instruments and the roar of passing spaceships.

The five-minute show is narrated by Anthony Daniels, who portrayed C-3PO in the films.

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