Monday, February 1, 2010

Perfect Sweater Model

The sweater looks much better on my sweater model then it did when I took it all by itself. And as expected, the hood didn't really fit like a hood should - it was too narrow and too short. But it sure did look cute!

And what better place to wear the sweater but the aquarium! I have never been to the Seattle aquarium and I was really impressed. They had a lot of interactive things for kids to do and wonderful displays at many differernt heights. Even fish viewing that Bella could look at without being held up.

Here is a huge wall of fish that was mesmorizing to watch.

And here Tim and Rachelle watch Bella watching the salmon in an underwater dome on the lower level.

And Bella and Naomi hamming it up for the camera surrounded by a bright underwater mural!

It was a long drive home...and a good time to catch a nap!

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