Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Loopy Scarf

When I first saw the picture of this scarf I was intrigue by the look and thought that it would be fun to make. The pattern came from a calendar that Tam gave me for the date of August 13, 2009. It was originally from which describes the pattern as "It's as fun to wear as it is to make!"

I wasn't able to find the same yarn that the pattern called for so substituted with a soft wool blend in a  heather rust called Queensland Collection - Rustic Tweed. The pattern required a set of straight needles plus a couple of double-pointed needles to make the loops (I-cord).


After blocking it our and looking closer at the pattern, I realized that I might have misunderstood the pattern and didn't connect the loops in the right place. There were a few errors at the beginning of the pattern that I was able to figure out and may have assumed there was an error in the loop section as well when it didn't make sense. It was only after I finished that I thought to look at the website and see that the creator had posted an addendum to errors but nothing about the loop attachment. And now I'm pretty certain it was a heidi-error. Should have looked there before! Oh well!

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