Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Some Tests

Here are a few fun self-assessment tests that I pulled from a book that I've been reading.

Humor Test
I think you really have to take this test twice: one as you think about how you react in your professional and work presence and once again for when you are hanging out with family and friends. Even though your personality should not be changing all the time, there are times when a certain behavior is more appropriate. I mean, "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" right? The first time I took this test I got a 48 which puts me in the middle category and I need to" learn to let yourself go and enjoy more variety." How more varied is activies like following the bull riding and knitting lace?

Reading Eyes
I didn't' do very well with this one. Maybe the choices they gave were misleading?

Fake or real Smile
Can you spot a faked smile or one that is genuine? Try this out - there are twenty smiles that you are asked to evaluate on this site. For the first 10 just use whatever method you want to determine if the smile is fake or real. On the last 10 look only at the changes to the eyes when a smile occurs...hmmm. Did your results change?

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