Saturday, March 3, 2007

blizzard activity

Thursday evening and all day Friday brought us several feet of snow and high winds. Some places are void of snow and others are piled high due to the wind. I've been really impressed with how fast the graders and front-end loaders have been out clearing the roads. We haven't had to venture too far and have tried to stay out of the downtown area where the cars parked on the side of the roads have made it hard for the graders to do their job. I think we had winds up to 60 mph last night. I'm also amazed that the power didn't go out.We finally had the birds back in front of the house this evening–the eagles must have been pretty hungry after a couple days of the high wind. We say two of them score on fresh crab that were unlucky enough to be caught in the low tide.

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Heidi Olson said...

When we drove by this house later in the day we noticed that the snow had drifted up past the doorknobs on both of the outside doors. Good thing the doors open from the inside!

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