Sunday, March 25, 2007

restaurant review #6

We got all dressed up for a Saturday night on the town and had a great dinner at Zephyr, a relatively new restaurant in downtown Juneau. We had heard that it was very hard to get into without reservations but we thought we'd try it anyway. It was still pretty early (6:30) and we didn't have any problems getting a table. Serving food with a Mediterranean flavor, the menu selections were interesting and the wine list was extensive (and expensive). We decided to start with the Calamari appetizer in honor of an acquaintance, as ordering this dish has become a tradition for us. It could have used another minute in the fryer to make it crisper but it was very good served with a garlic aioli and a red pepper couli. We split a caesar salad and started on a Spanish Roija Alta from Bodegas Breton that was really yummy. Tim had veal scallopini and roasted potatoes and I had the polenta lasagna layered with portabella mushrooms, roasted red pepper, and asparagus. Both were served with vegetable of the day: asparagus. Besides the overdose of asparaGAS on my part the meal was all very good. This is a definite spot to return to as soon as we've tried out a few more places.

It was a very nice evening: warm, clear, no wind. We envied these folks who were cruising the channel in their motor boat.

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