Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Doily Do

I've been making a lot of finger-less and finger-full gloves since Christmas so I thought I'd take a break and go back to my love for making lacy stuff. And since I now have several pieces of new furniture with flat surfaces I thought I'd work on a doily pattern from a book I've had for awhile. I picked out a table-size pattern and found some crochet thread that I've used before for pillowcase lace. As I was working diligently on the pattern after a couple of hours it struck me that the thread I was using was really cheap stuff and I began questioning why was I putting so much energy and time in this project when I should be using some linen or silk thread and produce a really quality product. So I figured out how to finish it off and here it is. I'll make another attempt when I get a chance to get some better material.

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