Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Eagle River and Eagle Beach

Hey, what'cha' doing?

This is one of two sea lions who watched us walking on the beach at this wayside. He (or she) seemed pretty curious. Tim has a sea lion call that seems to interest them. Its sounds very similar to his moose call.

These next two are looking out at the Chilkat Mountains. Just beyond the mountains is where glacier bay is located. Everything seems a lot closer together than I thought although I've only been looking at the maps. I'm really anxious to get out into it.

We were out just as the tide was turning and it amazes me how quick the tide moves. It's all new to me and I'm fascinated how much it can change in minutes. I've really only been around the ocean in the tropics where there isn't that much different in low and high tides. Its something I've never thought about when planning a hiking trip and I now realize how important it is to keep track of.

This is where the river meets the ocean. We're thinking this will be a pretty good place for salmon and there's lots of room for fly fishing so we'll keep this area in mind for later in the summer. Word is the fish might be a couple weeks later than usually because of the temperatures. So we'll keep you posted!

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