Monday, April 9, 2007

Interesting Links

Adobe onDemand Seminar
InDesign Typography Tips and Tricks - For Graphic Designers – I just love training seminars by David Blatner – he's so practical and I've gotten so many tricks and suggestions for a working style from him. He talks about applying styles, nested styles, setting kerning on text that uses multiple fonts, finding fonts that appear in documents, importing files from MS word, and other workflow tricks.

Did you get rid of your old record player but keep your LPs? How about trying this USB turntable that connects to your computer. You can capture the records as MP3s. Found this on ThinkGeek while looking for a bluetooth headset!

I haven't ordered from them yet but it seems like this is a pretty good place to get small quantity of personalized items. The Clothing Lab. I've got an order in for some tote bags for a training session we're doing in May. I only need 12 of them. I'm getting them for $13.99 with our logo embroidered for free. I thought that was pretty good.

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