Monday, April 16, 2007

State Quarter

The state has come up with four designs for its commemorative quarter that will join the other 49 state quarters that have been in circulation for the last 8 years. To get a closer look, check them out at the state web site. They are taking public comments and Gov Palin will make the final decision. I'm really glad that she'll be making the decision instead of our previous Governor.

So lets see, our choices are:
  • an image of a potential endangered species due to shrinking habitant due to global warming that our government claims doesn't exist
  • an image honoring a sport that some say is cruel to animals and a mountain that got named for some guy in Ohio who never even visited Alaska
  • how many alaska residents have really seen a brown bear outside of Denali National Park? (My attitude might change here in another couple of weeks, now living among the bears in southeast Alaska.)
  • an image of a guy panning for a mineral that's now being extracted from the earth by digging huge pits, contaminating our water sources and leaving disturbed rock and rubble
Gee, I don't know which one I like better!

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