Monday, April 2, 2007

New bird from the Deck

We saw a Great Blue Heron a little way from the house on Sunday evening. It was near the entrance to the Douglas Harbor. As soon as I got the spotting scope of out its bag and on the tripod to try to catch a picture it flew away.

We also saw an interesting behavior involving a large flock of eagles. I looked out the window and saw a dozen Bald Eagles soaring in the sky. Upon closer viewing we spotted at least two Golden Eagles mixed in with the 18 or so Bald Eagles. They didn't seem to be aggressive and seemed to be riding the air currents. Except for the the three eagles that live in the tree behind the house, they all made their way up the channel towards town. I haven't been able to find a good Juneau birding resource like the Alaska Bird Observatory in Fairbanks but I'm sure there is one. I might have to call our friend Ron who has the gyrfalcon and peregrine falcon and see what he thinks. Since it is spring I'm curious to find if this is a migration route for eagles.

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Anonymous said...

hey, heidi. it's genevieve. were they really golden eagles, or perhaps just juvenile balds?

thinking of you and reminiscing about juneau through your blog.

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