Monday, May 7, 2007

arrrgh - that's captain and matey to you!

So we did it and have the certificates to prove it! We took a 6 1/2 week Basic Boating and Safety course through the Coast Guard Auxiliary and took and PASSED the test. We had readings and homework for each of the 13 class sessions – some lessons more valuable than others. The beginning classes started out pretty rocky – I think the one who was going to conduct the first classes got called away so there was some shuffling going on. Tim has a good foundation and didn't really get too much out of the classes but he was kind enough to sit through it with me.

Probably the best classes were the safety classes where we got to try on a bunch of different life jackets and mustang suits, blow whistles, and use the air horn. I also enjoyed the knot tying class where we got to play with rope. (note: once the rope gets put on a boat it becomes LINE) Another favorite was the navigation classes where we got to play with charts (maps to you landlubbers) and compasses. Unfortunately, the charts and exercises we used were for the Martha's Vinyard area. If anyone needs to go to Cuttyhunk Harbor I know how to set the course from anywhere in Rhode Island Sound.

So now all we need is a boat and we should be all set!

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Anonymous said...

Yup - You two make quite a crew! Congratulations! Now you need your Tam card and you could give Tisha some serious competition!

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