Thursday, May 10, 2007

North Douglas

On Sunday it was really cloudy, windy, and rainy in town. We had scheduled a walk with friend Terry so we got our gear on and headed out to meet her. We picked the perfect spot to walk because it was heavily treed and provided a canopy for us so we hardly got wet at all. Of course because we didn't get wet I got overheated because I dressed for rain. I've come to realize that I have no jacket that is water resistant - plenty that are water repellent but that's not going to cut it down here! So I've been dressing in layers in hopes of not being drenched.

So we drove to the end of the North Douglas Highway (click to see map - look for End of North Douglas Highway marker) and walked the powerline through a couple of cool meadows with small streams running through them to the beach. The forest was relatively easy to walk through because the growth is so tall that there isn't a lot of ground cover.

There's lot of cool intertwined roots and trees through here. This one was particularly large.

That's not a bear! Well, not a real one - that's Oso - our little black furry friend. He's a nice dog and was good company on the walk.

We also saw a lot of very wide trees. This one was probably at least 4 feet across.

Terry called this "bear's bread" and you can guess who might have been gnawing on it. We saw a lot of these and some bigger than a basketball.

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