Monday, May 7, 2007

First Tourists of the season

First ship of the season entering the cruise shop dock in downtown Juneau. And what a welcome: gray clouds and rain for most of the day. This is probably the worst day, weather-wise, we'd had since our arrival in Jan! Later we saw that another cruise ship had arrived and docked next to it. Both ships left around dark 6 pm and 9 pm off for more adventures.

And this puts their size in perspective. The Coast Guard boat cruising towards to ship is probably 30 ft from bow to stern. This is looking from the deck across the channel. And yes, we went out to wave!

Now I heard that there are a million cruise ship passengers accepted this year. So the way I see it if each of those million guests would just give Tim and me a dime we could live with that. We've been brainstorming and trying to come up with the perfect thing. And as you may expect, some are better ideas than others.

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