Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Resources to help with Font Selection

I've found a couple of websites that have been helpful to me when I work with fonts. You may or may not find them useful in your activities:

Typetester lets you compare up to three different font and see what they would look like on your monitor. It includes the default fonts from windows and mac OS plus it pulls the fonts from your system so you can add them to the mix. Be aware though that not everyone has the same fonts that you've added to your computer so if you want your page to look just as it appears you'd have to work something else out.

Another website recourse that I've been using a lot recently as I've been reformatting a bunch of print material that wasn't necessarily created by me or my computer. Its called Identifont. This site helps you find fonts by name, appearance, and most useful it helps you to find similar fonts. In my office I'm trying to move all of our print stuff to Opentype fonts from a package we purchased a couple of years ago. This way when we share documents we have limited font issues. Since we have over 120 courses in print I don't expect this to happen overnight but its a goal for new courses created and for those that get reprinted over the summer.

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