Sunday, May 20, 2007

Caribou Steaks?

I stopped by the Botanical Garden and Ag Farm on lower campus this morning on my way into town. I wanted to see the baby caribou and see what was happening at the garden before I have to leave town. The baby bou's are always so cute and their coats are so lush. They are doing road construction on the Parks highway and it doesn't look like they are using the lower lots for the caribou so they must have moved them up to the Musk Ox farm on Yankovich Road. I image the constant truck and heavy equipment noise could be disturbing.

So here's a few young'uns. They wouldn't come very close but didn't seem too concerned when I walked close to the fence.

I was surprised at how the mature caribou seemed to notice me and actually started to come towards me and follow me as I walked along the fence. I must have been wearing the same color shirt as the "feeder" because they seems quite excited to see me and started smacking their lips.

There's one of the big ones:

and the rest of the crew

Not too much to see at the gardens except some newly tilled dirt and lots of places stacked out. I wish I had more time to volunteer to help get things started. Maybe on my next visit in July they will need a weed puller.

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