Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Back in Fairbanks

We arrived back in Fairbanks on Saturday morning to a huge rain storm. It was pouring. When we left Juneau the skies were clearing and it was looking like it was going to be a blue sky day. Oh well! Fairbanks needs the rain and it will help bring the leaves and grass out.

Its good to be back in town and we're visiting with friends, getting cars started and sorting out and looking at the boxes and stuff in the storage locker wondering what to do with it all. I'm pretty sure that most of it will just be staying right where it is. We've identified a few things that we're like to have with us in Juneau so we'll try to take back what we can on the plane. We are also thinking about driving the truck and camper (with stuff) back down to Juneau, probably mid-July. We'd probably end of selling off the camper down there but at least we'd have a second vehicle and a dry way to get some more junk down there. So we'll see if that works out for us.

Tim goes back to Juneau on Saturday and I'll be here another week. Some of the things on our TO DO list include walking / birdwatching at Creamers, Botanical Garden, Turtle Club, Bamboo Panda for General Tsao's chicken, buying a rain proof jacket, and of course visiting with family and friends!

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