Wednesday, May 30, 2007

RSS explained

Do you have several blogs or newsites that you like to visit to see what's new or been added since the last time you looked at them. Maybe you wish that you wouldn't have to keep checking back here to see what's happening with us and wish you could just be notified? How about compiling all of your favorite sites and letting a new/blog reader do all the work for you! Its called RSS (Really Simple Syndication) and gives you the opportunity to check one website to see what's new on all of your blogs or newsites that you view.

Here's a short video called "RSS in Plain English" created by Common Craft Show, that gives a pretty good explanation about the steps you need to set yourself up with an RSS feed, why you want to do it and maybe even save yourself some time.

Like the video points out, there are several different aggregators you can use. I use bloglines as my aggregator and I probably have subscribed to about 150 blogs, newservices, or other aggregators. For a first time user or it you just want to see how it works, a really easy one to use is Google Reader.

If anyone needs help with one of these let me know and I'll walk you through getting subscribed. And once you have the reader installed look at the bottom of this blog for the Subscribe to Posts (Atom) link and copy this link (right-click, copy link location) - and subcribe to it!

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