Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Boy Scout Camp

On Sunday we decided to drive out the road and try out the trail to the Boy Scout camp since the snow has melted since we visited in April. Its such a great trail - I think its my favorite spot so far. The trail is nicely maintained and its about 1.2 miles to the beach. It starts out in the forest and then opens up to a grassy meadow. Right now all the wildflowers are starting to bloom and there's a large variety of blossoms. The trail continues through the forest before opening up to meadows and marshes at the beach. The trail follows the Herbert River. Right now there are lots of little streams of water flowing down the hill and I have a feeling that they probably run all the time if they aren't frozen. There's lots of little birds flitting in and out. We walked out to the beach and had lunch while sitting on a huge driftwood tree trunk along the beach. Then we walked along the beach and came across these huge clam (?) shells. They were much larger than our hands.

We walked along the beach for awhile and then decided to cut through the meadow and look for the boy scout camp. The meadow was filled with different wildflowers, berry bushes in bloom, ferns, and grasses. We stopped to look at a bird in a tree (we think it was a Townsend's Solitaire) and watched a porcupine eating fresh shoots. It finally saw us and lumbered away looking over its shoulder.

I think this is lupine.

and I think this might be a salmonberry.

We finally spotted the main lodge and saw a few cabins along the bluff behind it. What an incredible spot. It looked like erosion might be a problem soon for one of the cabins - it was perched very close to the edge. I believe this is called "Russell Hall."

and here's a look at what the view is like from the front porch. There's grass out to a real sandy beach. I even saw some drift wood to make a bonfire.

We walked back to the trailhead on the camp's trail. It had two ruts but I don't know that the regular trail was wide enough for a vehicle. We'll have to come back when the fish are funning because it might also be a nice place for Dolly Varden.

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