Tuesday, May 15, 2007

restaurant review #9

Lemon Grass - Fairbanks

Had a lovely dinner at one of our favorite Thai restaurants in Fairbanks with Susan and Lillian last night. We started out with satay and veggie rolls. I really like the marinated cucumbers that come with the satay. The peanut sauce was also good. I had chicken in red curry that was very tasty. I asked for medium and it had a perfect spiciness for me - maybe hotter than a normal medium. Tim tried a new dish with ground pork and tomatoes in a chili sauce. It was also on the spicy side but delicious. It came with sliced cucumbers, chunks of cabbage, broccoli florets on the side. Lillian had the veggie panang curry which is always a good selection and Susan had chicken and eggplant. I didn't try it but others said it was good. The place was packed so I'm glad we met early. We had a good dinner and great conversation.

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We like the Lemon Grass Restaurant too!

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