Friday, December 5, 2008

Fish Creek Trail and Tree Huggers

Have you hugged a tree today? There are some really big trees on Douglas Island.

Another trail that we've wanted to take is the Fish Creek Trail from the Douglas Highway up towards Fish Creek Road heading towards Eagle Crest. We walked a few 100 yards before scouting for fishing spots and didn't realize that there was a longer trail you could take.

I'm not sure that we'd every take this trail again unless our main objective was to go fishing. It was pretty muddy and there were lots of roots and stumps to climb over. But the trail wasn't icy and with the devil's club being leafless you could really see a long ways through the forest and towards the creek.

I'm always amazed when I get out on trails like this how many huge trees are down and rotting away. I know that they make for rich soil and provide important nutrients for other plants but it seems like a waste to me. Then again, without a 4-wheeler or other type of rig I can't image how you would get them to the road!

We got a late start and the daylight quickly left us.

We found several nice spots that might be good fishing in the spring so we'll have to keep that in mind and let you know how it is. If I were a bear, this trail area would be one of my favorite places to hang out - good fishing potential, lots of blueberry bushes and solitude. We'll also have to keep that in mind when we come back!

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omg, that tree is enormous!!!!

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