Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Popper Emergency!

I can't find any poppers in town for Christmas dinner!

I've checked all the stores that could possiby have them - even Western Auto and Marine plus Radio Shack - its my favorite store because they have everything you can think of. Except for poppers...but its still my favorite. I almost called Jeanne in Aspen to see if she could find some and sent them north, because it wouldn't be Christmas with a popper, right!

This happened a couple of years ago in Fairbanks and we had to quickly get creative and make our own. We had newspaper hats and small stuff we found around the house. Someone might even have gotten a thumb tack or a nail, I can't remember.

What we did have though, was well-thought out "Christmas Carols" based on the names of those who were attending Christmas dinner. For example:

"Marc, the Herald Angels Sing"
"Lori, lori halleluya"
"Jeann-ingle Bells, Jeanne-ingle Bells"
"Al Be Home for Christmas" and others

This time I had time to make proper tissue paper crowns, buy some candy and nuts, a dreidal so we can all play the draydal game, a balloon (opps - its says, "Happy Birthday!") and a christmas riddle.

Yes, children, there is a Santa Claus!

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ginny said...

Heidi! I don't know if you have a safeway there, but a woman in the Developmental Education department all gave us one and that's where she said she got them.

Ginny & Wrangler

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