Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Holiday Cookies and stuff

I've already blogged about some of the yummy goodies that we've made for the holidays. Most of them were new recipes that were quite successful. Here's some of the recipes that we've made for the holidays that you haven't heard about yet:

Hamburger Cookies You've heard of the contests where people try to eat the 25lb hamburger? Well these lil' minis are what the contestants trained with until they made the big league.

Ginger Lace Cookies (GF) I actually thought that my cookies looked better then the ones one the blog. I didn't over cook them.

Scotch Shortbread so the recipe in my book says 1/4 c sugar and this online recipe says 1/2 c sugar. I was thinking that my version wasn't very sweet. I also added a little vanilla and a bit more butter then called for.

Chocolate Covered Cherry Cookies Tim's mom like the candy so I thought I'd try this recipe out to see if its a good subsititude - and I think they are! My bath only made 30 cookies, not 48. I added about 3 t of the cherry juice to the cookie dough because it was really dry. My cherries must have been a lot smaller then the ones used. If I make these again I will use a whole cherry instead of only 1/2. I also suggest using the full 1 t of chocolate frosting.

Carnival Squash con ajo basically took the Yuca con ajo recipe from Three Guys from Miami cookbook and substitute this yellow sqash cut into cubes. I simmered the squash in some water with cumin seed until tender but crisp. Then sauted the squash with the con ajo mixture. Delicious! I think I liked this better with the squash than with the yuca.

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