Thursday, December 11, 2008

Restaurant Review #15

Last week Tim and I walked over to Olivia's De Mexico Authentic Mexican Restaurant for lunch. We both ordered the lunch special, cheese enchilada and beef taco with rice and I had tortilla soup and Tim had a garden salad. YUM - why haven't we been eating here more often! Both of us have been here on previous trips and have enjoyed it but since we've moved here we just haven't ventured out. I guess we just forgot about it being hidden away in the basement. Since its close to the capitol I'm sure it gets really busy during the session.

We started out with some chips and salsa - the salsa had a really fresh taste. It wasn't spice, not even a spec of hotness but it was delicious. My soup was also very tasty. It was tomato based at had a lot of crisp tortillas strips in it. I really enjoyed the streamed corn tortilas for the beef taco. It was so fresh tasting; not greasy from being fried or tough from being microwaved or placed in the oven. It was delicious! So delicious that we had a revelation on making tortillas at home. We recently got a new rice steamer (thanks Zac and Rachelle for showing off yours!) which came with a steamer rack. We wrapped some corn tortillas in a terry cloth dish towel, heated the steamer up to boiling, added the tortillas to the steamer rack and let it sit for a couple minutes, then turned the steamer off. After they sat for a little while (maybe 10-15 minutes) we too sat down to eat. The tortillas were hot, hot, HOT! and so tender that they ripped quite easily. We normally dry gilled corn tortillas in a cast iron skillet but I think we'll be switching to this method from now on. So easy!

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Marc Olson said...

Olivia's has always been my favorite Mexican restaurant in Juneau. It's the most authentic, I am sure, from the menu right down to the brick walls painted red and white. Some night if you want something on the light side and a bowl of soup would do, ask for the pozole.

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