Saturday, December 20, 2008

Freeze at Mendenhall Glacier

We enjoyed another brilliant, but cool day here in Juneau so we thought we'd go out towards the Mendenhall Glacier and see what things looked like out here when its all frosty out. There's not much snow but we've had a week of 20 and lower temperatures so it appears that all of the lakes are frozen - enough for skating, at least.

We probably saw 50 people skating or playing hockey. We also saw a few skiers and a lot of walkers.

Nugget Fall was pretty cool with some thawed water coming down the frozen water slide. Too bad we don't do ice climbing- this would have been a challenge!

We saw some goats way up above the waterfall - hard to pick out in the snow.

The glacier looked really blue - probably the most blue I've seen since being down here.

Those little black dots are people. They must be pretty close to the face of the glacier. (Better click on this picture to get bigger view.)

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Heidi Olson said...

Here's someone who took some pictures right up close to the old-ice

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