Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Nice weekend in Sitka

We had a nice long weekend in Sitka. I love taking the ferry! The ride is about 4 1/2 hours - perfect for snacking, reading, and knitting; it isn't so long that you get really bored and its long enough so you can relax. We have our favorite seats that give us a view out the front and one side and we don't have anyone in front of us. Apparently some of the other folks traveling down with us like their seats because a lot of us found ourselves in the same spots on the return trip! Yes, we humans can be trained!

We had daylight most of the way over - the sun was just peaking through when the lines where dropped. On the way back it got dark about 4pm or so. They turn the lights off in the front cabin to make navigating easier so the last hour we sat quietly watching the GPS position on the map.

The weather was typical - some sun, some rain, a little wind, high 30s and night and mid-40s during the day. Fairly tropical!

On Saturday we attended and Arts and Crafts show at Centenial Hall. I forgot to take any pictures inside of the actual craft tables but did get this snapshot of Tim's folks puchasing a Christmas wreath for their front door. I thought there were more tables then in past years. A lot of photographs, greeting cards, beaded necklaces and earrings, a few preserves and food items, knitted and crocheted items.

One interesting idea that was pretty cool was lighted glass blocks wrapped with a bow to look like a present that you could set under your Christmas tree or place on your mantle. Beware! Some drilling may be required!

We took a smoked turkey from Jerry's Meats over on the ferry with us. We sure enjoyed it and we didn't have all the mess of cooking it! Its always nice to get out for a walk to work off some of the calories from eating all the time. Saw this cute little stump in one of the neighborhoods close by.

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