Sunday, June 6, 2010

All about building Sand Castles

Who knew that the sand at Sandy Beach would be the very best for building sand castles. This was the first of many sand castle building adventures. This fortress was completed with a ditch that went all the way down to the water.

And much shrieking as the water came in to bust down the walls. Save the women and children, Jayson!

Eagle Beach was our second spot for building sand castles. The sand was a little rocky and the tide was very low but some important building practices were put into practice.

Rune with Fort Lind
Notice the 9x9 symmetrical structure

And the Great Wall of Sanddom...complete with 1% for Art in the middle of the spade.

And Boy Scout beach proved just to be too hot! The sand was fine but it wasn't wet enough for sand castles. Bella is putting the finishing touches on Rune's Sand-body treatment.

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