Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Eagle Activity

Last night we watched 15 or more eagles spread out across the channel in front of us having some kind of eagle reunion. Most of the juvys were in one spot and the adults would move over and pick at them. Maybe it is time for the juvys to leave their parents, I don't know. There was a young adult that was still showing a few times of imature coloring that was really causing trouble. Flying in and out, giving chase and being chased. We watched them for over an hour. They were so spread out that I couldn't get any decent pictures.

So tonight this guy is down with a spinning rod, fishing for dollys close to the mouth of Bear Creek. He lands one and an eagle flies right over to him and starts begging. He stands there for awhile and looks like he is calling someone. Finally another guy comes and takes some pictures. The fisherman decides to give the eagle the fish. I'm glad he didn't try to feed it from his hand. The eagle took the fish in its talons and hopped over a food and then chowed down.

The guy went back to fishing and now has an audience!

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