Tuesday, June 8, 2010

June Boy Scout beach

I got sunburnt. I was so careful the previous weekend when we were hanging out at the beaches and in the woods for 18+ hours a day. Then I got carried away. There was just enough breeze to keep the heat away and fooled me into thinking my skin could handle the rays. The sun god is LOL.

It was another absolutely gorgeous weekend so we didn't hesitate to head back out the road to conduct the official COASST bird survey.

No dead birds. We did find lots of litter and picked up quite a few aluminum cans, chip bags, juice straws and other misc. items. Why is it that people who drink Rainer Beer can't pick up after themselves?

We did run across a structure that is noteworthy and you wonder what the story was behind its creation. Does it represent a real place? What is the story that goes along with it?

I believe that this is the kitchen living room with built-in table.

and this is the sleeping area

and this would be the outdoor bath area complete with cockle shell tub

and every community has a dump or are these actually the sea creatures who came to invade the village?

When I was young I used to spend hours with neighbor kids building cities in the dirt/mud/sand. Having grown up in a toystore I had quite a few of match box cars that got used as props in the building process. We would work for days and into weeks creating roads, buildings, parks and making up stories along the way. It was always fun getting out the hose and filling up the riverways and ponds and then getting into water fights. Oops...I didn't mean to spray you!

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