Thursday, June 24, 2010

Perserverance Trail

One of my favorite hikes it still the Perseverance Trail just east of downtown. Its a good climb up but it eventually levels off and doesn't feel like the 3.5 mile one-way hike that it really is.

This is looking back towards town following the pathway of Gold Creek.

I guess one of the reasons it doesn't seem such a tough hike is that it really was once a road. Its all pretty wide and most of the grades aren't too much.

Its a great place to see waterfalls like Ebner Falls

and the pathway pretty much follows gold creek and other tributaries.

There are clusters of trees where warblers like to hang out, as well as thrushes and robins. There are so many salmon berry bushes just full of blossoms and seeds that will lure us back in about 6-weeks to fill our berry buckets for the winter.

There are beautiful wildflowers and a chance to see Dall's sheep and bear on the hillside...its a real treasure, especially since its so close to town.

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